Success Stories

I was introduced to The Reset Diet after struggling lose extra kilos of weight over the past few years despite a general healthy lifestyle.

My first day on the program was on Monday the 27th of November 2021 with a weight of 74kg and by Friday the 31st, my fifth & final day of the Reset Diet, I lost a total of 4kg

I felt so energetic & super healthy & happy. I couldn’t believe the difference in my body and centimetre loss, fitting in all my clothes again in such a short time.

I have since then continued with healthy habits and lost an extra 4kg over the past year and kept the weight off!

I can truly recommend The Reset Diet; it was truly my biggest motivation to start new eating habits & and continue with a healthy lifestyle!


Strand, Western Cape (Verified buyer )

My husband and I were desperately wanting to do some kind of detox programme to put our bodies into a fasting state, but we dreaded the idea of only drinking water and liquids for a couple of days. Friends suggested we include foods but we are both so busy, hate cooking and trying to decide what to eat. Then we heard about the LivWell Reset Diet. My husband did it first but we did not hold too much hope. We were in for a big surprise. We were delighted to receive our box. It was all packed so professionally and it was so easy to follow. Everything was at our finger tips and it was super easy to know exactly what to eat and when. The food is tasty and we (yes I followed by doing one myself) coped so well, felt great, and never looked back. We look forward to doing it again.


Cape Town (Verified buyer)

The Reset Diet... Brilliant!
Take the plunge, I did!
Not only does it restart and cleanse your body, it taught me so much more... I was eating way too much!
The scheduling is just perfect, welldone to the team who devised it.
I was never ravonously hungry at any point.
A single box broken down into each day's nutrition... I helped me keep my focus on completing the plan.
I lost 5kg and changed my outlook on food portions and intake.
Thanks Team, for an Awesome Product. 


Cape Town (Verified buyer)

The RESET DIET program did me a lot of good!

I was very motivated, because it was a for a short period of time.  I swapped my portions and nibbled on the crackers and olives while I prepared dinner for my family.

The bars were very filling and made me feel satisfied, as did the soup! I lost 3kg of the 8kg I had to lose in the 5 days and felt very good. After the Reset Diet I was ready to continue my eating plan. I highly recommend it and am so excited that the bars can now be purchased separately to include in my daily eating plan as a “grab and go” low calorie snack.


Paarl (Verified buyer)

I found the reset meals to be good quality and I was not hungry at all, I think my body enjoyed the reset, we would be doing this type of thing more often.


Cape Town (Verified buyer)