Reset Diet ™

Ordering the Reset Diet, you are putting yourself squarely on a path to a different relationship with food and drink.

Research is now clear that we should fast at least twice per year. You can repeat The Reset Diet more regularly if indicated, with a maximum of once every two weeks. The positive effects include Cell rejuvenation, Body Fat Loss, Increased mental clarity and much more.

Exciting research, currently running internationally focuses on proving the positive effects of cell rejuvenation while taking chemotherapy. Concurrent fasting and chemotherapy have the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment.

“Every person needs to reset their relationship with food and drink at least twice per year” – Dr Rudy Bosch



The Reset Diet consists of a five-day pre-packaged diet. One large box will include six smaller boxes that provide all food for the five days and the required supplements, the only add-on needed is clean water. The diet will mimic the effects of fasting, without the nasty side-effects. Upon opening your daily box, you will be guided by a Reset Diet menu with clear instructions on using this.