Our Story

Our sweet story started in the heart of Cape Town with the beautiful Table mountain. Table mountain in Khoi Khoi dialect and means “place of sweet waters”, that further along our journey inspired some of our product designs.

Like all good products, there is a good story behind the Reset Diet.

Elria and Rudy paths crossed by chance via a wellness colleague. Elria as an entrepreneur dietician and Rudy, an entrepreneur medical doctor, both had businesses in the medical wellness industry ranging from genetic diet screening and medical wellness checkups.

The seed was sowed as Rudy was on a mission to lose weight for his first ABSA Cape Epic, he researched diets and the world's new trends. As we learned more about the groundbreaking benefits of extended fasting compared to only time-restricted eating (intermitted fasting) most people know, we saw the need for a fasting type diet in the South African market space.

We realized that South Africa has a diverse and very unique flora with some remarkable health properties and enlisted the help of a specialist in African Botanicals to help us source the best products for the use we needed and combined these into a pioneer product for the South African market.

It has been quite a journey to find the right products, mix them into the formulas, and make sure the taste is something we would use ourselves.

We are proud of the product we developed and very excited to see people better their health and lives using the Reset Diet.


Elria is an experienced dietician who has been in the health and wellness industry for decades. She has an excellent understanding of the effects of diet on cholesterol, blood pressure and longevity. Elria has also focused on the role of diet in genetics. With this background, Elria has been a pioneer in developing this Reset Diet to help South Africans curb the increased tendency towards metabolic disease.


Rudy is a medical doctor with experience in acute health and wellness medicine. Together with Elria, he runs a wellness network that focuses on diet and genetic analysis of wellness genes.
Rudy obtained degrees from Cambridge, Stellenbosch and Cape Town universities in his journey to entrepreneurship. He currently runs a private Emergency Room in Cape Town.
He has an extensive sports background with a professional rugby career and current love for mountain biking, completing one ABSA Cape Epic.

He uses his medical and sports background to shape the way people think about wellness, as he walks the journey himself.

Plant INC

“Inspired by nature and science Plant Inc. infuses modern living with functional botanicals for wellness and executive function management. Plant Inc. are also in the hemp derived CBD, THC free cannabinoid wellness space. Using analytical methods, regulatory specifications and intellectual property we produce adaptogenic and nootropic compounds and products for the food & beverage markets.”

Reset Diet ™

The Reset Diet consists of a five-day pre-packaged diet. One large box will include six smaller boxes that provide all food for the five days and the required supplements, the only add-on needed is clean water. The diet will mimic the effects of fasting, without the nasty side-effects. Upon opening your daily box, you will be guided by a Reset Diet menu with clear instructions on using this.