About Reset Diet ™

The Reset Diet is vegan-friendly and consists of plant-based, gluten- and lactose-free whole food. We calculate the nutritional values in the food (health bars, soups, snacks, and beverages) into a particular macronutrient sequence. This sequence eases your body into a fasting state, which holds various health benefits such as autophagy, renewal of cell lines and many more.

We use the latest technology to carefully preserve selected local fresh vegetable food sources into rehydratable easy-to-prepare soup meals.

Reset Diet Check List

Our delicious nut-based health bars are handmade in our most adequate food safety facilities to nourish you throughout your fasting journey.

Being proudly South African, we have included a wide range of local African Botanicals for supportive wellness benefits.

The Reset Diet will provide you with a five-day, pre-packaged diet to allow minimum disruption to your daily lifestyle. You will receive five smaller day boxes, packaged into a larger box. Inside the large box, you will also find a meal plan, instructions, a water bottle, omega-3 and multi-vitamin supplements required for the five days.

Reset Diet ™

The Reset Diet consists of a five-day pre-packaged diet. One large box will include six smaller boxes that provide all food for the five days and the required supplements, the only add-on needed is clean water. The diet will mimic the effects of fasting, without the nasty side-effects. Upon opening your daily box, you will be guided by a Reset Diet menu with clear instructions on using this.