RESET DIET... Why the Fuss?

The LivWell Reset Diet is a scientifically formulated program, backed by decades of research that is widely used as a tool to improve health and longevity.  Our delicious, whole foods, are portioned and conveniently pre-packed into a super accessible, easy to follow five-day program. The Reset Diet is designed to ease the body into a fasted state so you can experience the numerous health benefits as if on an extended water only fast, without total starvation and all the associated adverse side-effects.

reset diet benefit - fat loss scale

Guaranteed fat loss

reset diet benefit - lean body measurement

Maintain lean body mass

reset diet benefit - rejuvenate cells

Rejuvenate cell lines & stem cells
(Regenerate multiple organs & possibly reduce cancer risk)

Reset Diet Benefit Improved Cognitive

Improved Cognitive Performance

Benefit Anti Aging


Benefit Improve-longevity

Improve longevity

Benefit Anti-inflammatory


reset diet benefit - fast metabolic start

Reduction of Metabolic Syndrome
(Reduce risk for heart disease and diabetes)

Reset Diet Benefit Reduced NAFLD

Reduces NAFLD
(Non-Alcoholic “Fatty” Liver Disease)

reset diet benefit - African Botanicals

Use of selected African Botanicals for various positive effects
(Appetite suppression, calming effects, anti-oxidant properties and more)

vegan benefit

Vegan - Plant based

Benefit Gluten Free

Gluten free & Lactose free

Reset Diet ™

The Reset Diet consists of a five-day pre-packaged diet. One large box will include six smaller boxes that provide all food for the five days and the required supplements, the only add-on needed is clean water. The diet will mimic the effects of fasting, without the nasty side-effects. Upon opening your daily box, you will be guided by a Reset Diet menu with clear instructions on using this.

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