Fasting and Research


Fasting is essentially willfully skipping one or more meals. Fasting comes in many forms: Water-only Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, e.g. Medical Fasting (1-100 hours) to diagnose illness. The most common current use of Intermittent Fasting is the “16/8” time-restricted fast. “16/8” means that you feed the body 8 hours per day, with 16 hours of fasting (abstaining from all food).  The benefits of an extended fast (72 hours or more) provide increased and different benefits than those derived from only an intermittent fast.

Why Fast?

Throughout history, fasting has been used as a medicine by most people and religions (Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews). Scientific evidence is being published weekly on the positive effects of caloric restriction and fasting. New fasting diets are continuously being developed as our current lifestyle does not allow for the extensive side-effects of a water-only fast.

The African Connection

In our Patent pending design, African Botanicals are included in the Reset Diet to provide specific beneficial benefits.

Longevity Research

Most of the research in longevity thus far was done in vitro or animal models. Human studies are currently in progress, but these studies are difficult because of ethical issues and human life length.
Cancer: The use of short term fasting combined with chemotherapy and Vitamin C intravenous infusions is currently a hot topic in cancer research.

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Reset Diet ™

The Reset Diet consists of a five-day pre-packaged diet. One large box will include six smaller boxes that provide all food for the five days and the required supplements, the only add-on needed is clean water. The diet will mimic the effects of fasting, without the nasty side-effects. Upon opening your daily box, you will be guided by a Reset Diet menu with clear instructions on using this.